Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stomachache yoga

I know I'm not the only one who has ever tried to power through Bikram class with a stomachache - I think The Missus has posted about it in the past. But it's one of those weird things where the standing series can sort of be handled but then the floor just gets terrible!!! So during the time when I was hanging out on my mat, wishing for class to be over, I thought about how the teacher was annoying me. She was talking too much - so many words and words and more words! Then she told the class not to drink water during postures... even though she proceeded to drink water while we were in savasana. She also filled up her water bottle while we were in savasana. I think that is just bad form. Maybe I'm becoming the next Mary Jarvis, but I think that teachers shouldn't drink much (or at all) during class. WHEN I SEE THE TEACHER DRINKING WATER, IT MAKES ME WANT TO DRINK WATER! I know water isn't going to save me, but there is definitely a power of suggestion kind of thing that goes on in class. It's like when one of the teachers was preggo. We saw a pregnant lady doing FINE in class or teaching class and it made the rest of us suck it up!
Additional yoga related deep thoughts that I had today - I still think that my studio is kinda unfriendly but I was feeling the love more today than ever before. One teacher and two students said hi and asked where I had been! And one of the "regulars" deemed me worthy of a chat in the line for the bathroom. There are some incredibly hard core regulars and they scare me a little!
Ok, enough yoga rambling...

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Mary E said...

Hi Stomachache!
I agree with you that teachers should not drink water while teaching class......I think you knew I would say that!
It is a mixed message. I do not allow my teachers to have water in class teaching or not teaching. It is not very inspiring and does not set the tone for students.
There is an incredible energy/power that starts to well up in a yoga room where the students and the teacher are focused with very little movement except...in the posture.... and NOT in the posture.
Most people do not know what I am talking about for they have never been in a yoga room to experience that...I do hope for them!
I congratulate you on 30 days of yoga!
That is a beautiful discipline!!