Thursday, September 27, 2012

One leg, one love

Attended two bikram yoga classes near my beachside mystery vacation destination. One of the instructors was so little and cute and spunky! During the part on full locust (that's what posture I think I mean - I'm not sure though because sun and surf seems to be melting my brain) she was talking about getting legs together into one leg and said "one leg, one love." I must admit that I do love a random Bob Marley reference especially when I'm on vacation.
Once I return from vacation, it will be October. Guess what October means? 30 day challenge at ye olde yoga studio! I haven't signed up yet, but I'm planning to. Good times!


Catherine said...

Wow... That sounds *a lot!* like a teacher I used to have in SLC, who now runs a studio with her sister on an island. I hope you got to take class from M!

a. said...

Wow - that does sound like same teacher! How funny! It's a small world after all :)