Monday, March 1, 2010

no yoga this morning

One of my college friends called me last night at 10pm and we ended up talking until 11pm. I have a blind date after work. Ergo, no Bikram today.



But in other news, it was so good to talk to my friend and we're going to go out for drinks on Thursday night.


cheryl said...

good luck with the blind date! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi There, I'm your new follower. Just started blogging about my new yoga adventure, Bikram. Enjoyed reading your older posts. Wish you luck on your Blind Date! It is nice to take a day off from yoga. I am taking couple days off ... visit my blog and you'll find out why. Looking forward to hear from you n be yoga blog friends. Namaste

bikramyogachick said...

ooooh....let us know how the blind date goes! ;)

a. said...

cheryl - thanks :)

PBY - hi! thanks for the comment. nice to "meet" you :)

bikramyogachick - just posted an update... i'm still "looking" :)