Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tripping and totally biting it while crossing the street is my yoga.

It's funny how even though I'm not on my mat for 90 minutes a day, I still feel busy, I still feel like I don't have enough time. Not sure what "enough" time would be but I guess that's another question for another day...
I had been off my mat for a full week when I finally went to class on Sunday. It was not a "good" class except in the sense that every class one attends is a good class because you're doing the 26 postures. I've been working through some mental stuff lately. I was definitely in a mood on Sunday and couldn't think of anything that would help me get out of my mental rut better than Bikram. It didn't totally deliver but I suppose it didn't hurt.
Right on the heels of my nasty mood on Sunday came some physical pain on Monday morning. I got off the bus at my normal bus stop. I have to cross a fairly large, but generally uncrowded road on my way to work. I often jaywalk. I know that isn't a good thing and trust me, I've now experienced karmic retribution for it. I started jaywalking and then was startled to hear a car come up behind me. The car was taking a right on red and I was totally safe... but when I turned back to look at the car, my messenger bag sort of shifted and my foot hit an uneven part in the pavement... and I took a tumble. Somehow managed to not rip any clothing, but scraped and bruised my left knee and elbow. I was super embarrassed and there were a couple of other pedestrians who saw me.
In spite of having wounded pride, I sort of had to laugh at the situation. Here I was - coming off of the crappiest mood I had been in for months and I had just totally bit it. It shook me up just enough to get me out of my bad mood. That's what the yoga does for me a lot of the time - provides something physical, something humbling, something ELSE to think about. I turned the corner as quickly as I could just to get away from the people who had seen me fall and I bought myself a latte. The scrape on my elbow was bleeding a bit and my knee was swelling a bit but I confirmed that I was mostly in one piece and I wasn't as upset at the whole situation (and myself) as I could have been.
I felt a little fragile the rest of Monday and decided to go to yoga to prevent myself from getting too stiff after my fall. Certain parts of the floor series were pretty painful on my bruised knee. I've put myself on the injured reserve list for the next couple of days in order to get back into tip top shape.
Hoping that the yoga (and life) has been going well for the rest of you!


Joy said...

Oh man that sucks! I took a bad fall last summer while walking two large dogs. They saw a cat and lunged after it. I was able to hold on for a few seconds (gave the cat a head start, haha) but once I hit the ground they dragged me for a moment and I had to let go. All parties were intact, well, except me. Of course a neighbor saw what happened so that was fun. But I was so beat knees were the worst and I think the scars will never go away. Good for you for making it to yoga that day!! And if you ever see me at the studio (I have a small pawprint tattoo on my L outer ankle), feel free to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that you had to experience that fall and a not so good class when you finally decided to go back. I've been stressed at work the last couple of weeks and while I had a good practice yesterday, that was the exception. I hope I can get out of my funk - tonight I had that familiar 'when is class ever going to end' feeling.

I haven't been doing bikram for long so I imagine that there just are these times and like you say, at least getting there and being there is sometimes our best for that day - and that's just what you did. Glad to have you back!