Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yoga semi-hiatus

Due to half-marathon training, work, being sick, etc., my Bikram practice isn't really happening at the moment. But there are a few other yoga related things going on.

1. The documentary "Enlighten Up" is on Netflix Watch Instantly. I'm really not sure what the filmmaker was trying to do with this film. On the one hand, I felt like she was trying to push her own yoga experience on to the yoga noob she focuses on in the film. On the other hand, I felt like she was trying to expose "western" yoga as not being "real" yoga. That's a bit of a touchy subject for me since I'm a Bikram yogini and Bikram talks about how his series is made for western people --- and it totally works for me! Kind of glad I didn't go see the film in the theater because I think it would have annoyed me even more if I had paid $10 to see it!

2. I'm in the very baby planning stages of a possibly trip to SE Asia this fall... Still very early - not sure if it can/will happen due to work/life, but I would love to go and practice possibly in Phuket and maybe Kuala Lumpur. Still lots to figure out logistically but it might work...

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Mei said...

I saw SE Asia and I screeched out loud [no kidding!]