Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sober sister

Went to class after work today. My friend J. from knitting who went to her first class on 4th of July came as well! I'm so proud of her!!! Two classes under her belt! And she likes it :)
It was definitely a hot class today. I felt better than usual at the beginning of class because this was my 3rd day in a row practicing and because the heat made me feel looser at the beginning of class.
I've quit online dating and I'm trying to drink less so being on my mat for 90 minutes a day gives me something to do where I'm away from the temptations of friends and bars and thinking about things that I shouldn't be thinking about. One of my college friends called me tonight and she is also trying to get on the clean living train. In our sorority in college, we had to have "sober sisters" at some of our events - girls who weren't drinking. I said that I'm finding it hard to be a sober sister these days - she feels the same way. We're going to meet up for Diet Cokes and maybe a walk around Greenlake later this week. CHANGE IS HARD!

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catherine said...

Sounds like you two have a good plan going. Change is definitely hard, but maybe not *as* hard when someone is supporting you? :) Full steam ahead for your clean-livin' train!