Thursday, May 26, 2011

So hot.

Interesting class tonight. It was really hot. I know that it's Bikram yoga so it's always hot, but sometimes it's particularly hot. Tonight was one of those nights. I kicked out farther in standing head to knee than I ever have. It was a pretty incredible feeling. I am still a million miles away from actually putting my forehead on my knee (and my chest gets in the way) but such is life.
After class, I was chatting with the instructor. He told me "good class" or something like that. I felt like I had the yoga glow radiating from me, but my brain wasn't really working yet... so I mumbled something like "but it was really hot." He said, "It's always hot. You know what it means if you say that class is hot, it means that you're hot!" This could have sounded sort of skeezy coming from someone else, but from this instructor, it was just all in good fun and it cracked me up! I walked home from the studio (and stopped for my usual take out) with a smile on my face!

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lisa lynn said...

It is interesting how some classes seems so hot, while others I almost finding myself wanting it hotter. Congratulations on a "good class;" those are the classes that make it all worthwhile!