Wednesday, July 13, 2011

electrolytes are your friend.

I had some horrible Bikram classes over the past few weeks. The absolute worst was last Thursday. After class, my legs were cramping. I woke up in the middle of the night in pain. It was really unpleasant. My dad also gets leg cramps after exercise and his solution is a gin + tonic. Tonic water has quinine which is known to alleviate leg cramps. I consulted Dr. Google and found that there are other things to consider. In my case, I think an excessive amount of coffee and Diet Coke was causing my body to have trouble absorbing electrolytes. Since Thursday, I have significantly cut back on my caffeine consumption. I'm having iced coffee in the morning and a bit of Diet Coke every other day or so... AND I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER AT YOGA! I rocked my last two classes. People were dropping like flies during Triangle in class last night, but I felt fine. I skipped yoga tonight to drink beer and eat pizza but I'm looking forward to getting back on my mat tomorrow.


YoginiBear said...

It makes sense now. Everytime I have coffee even a good 3 hours BEFORE class, my practice tanks. Thank you for this post.

a. said...

YoginiBear - You're welcome :) Definitely give cutting down on coffee a try - I feel significantly better in class since cutting back on caffeine. I think I'm sweating less, too. My body just seems happier in the yoga room.
[disclaimer: i am not a doctor!]

Spring said...

That's very interesting. I have a friend experiencing something similar so I'll share this with her and see if it helps.