Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm an a**hole (but not really)

Practiced with my mom last Sunday. It was a great class - hot but not too hot, crowded but not too crowded, challenging but not too challenging. Then I practiced again on Monday. It felt off because the room wasn't hot enough. I felt like a real Bikram yogini the first time I thought the room wasn't hot enough :) But really there is a point where the lack of heat makes it hard to bend and the whole thing just feels wrong. So Tuesday I walk to class and think, "I hope it's hot enough in class tonight!" AND I WAS NEARLY KILLED BY THE HEAT! And I cursed myself during class because of course I blamed myself for the excessive heat. The heat was so excessive that when the instructor realized the heat was excessive, she opened the door AND IT DIDN'T HELP! She turned the fans on - IT DIDN'T HELP. She opened the doors again - IT DIDN'T HELP. The room was possessed. And it was my fault! (not really)
Anyway, that was a horrible class and I haven't practiced since. Sometimes a girl just needs some friend time and couch time and treadmill time!

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