Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Bikram Yoga Day!

Yes, I know that most of the world calls it Mothers Day, but my mama and I have celebrated with Bikram yoga for the past few years so I associate the two :) The yoga has been good for me lately. Not quite as frequent as it could be but overall it's good. I tweaked my work schedule so I can attend an earlier class a few days a week. That's so nice because then it doesn't feel like my whole evening is taken up by yoga but hauling yoga stuff around makes me feel like a pack mule. Does anybody have a travel yoga mat? On the days I go to yoga straight from work, I'm hauling my mat and my other yoga stuff down a big hill and then back up a big hill. If I can't find a decent lighter mat, I may just rent a mat on the days I go right after work, but that seems kinda dumb. Or really smart. I'm not sure which...

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