Friday, August 3, 2012

i've been a bad, bad blogger...

It's not that I haven't been on my mat at all... I have been on my mat. I just haven't made time for blogging.

It's actually been a really good year yogawise and bodywise for me. Although I'm still not that close to touching my head to my knee in standing head to knee, I'm finally at a point where the thought of it doesn't seem totally crazy. The last 5 or so years have been incredibly tough in a lot of ways and I feel like my body is finally shedding the weight and stress that accumulated over that time. In addition to Bikram, I've started doing spin classes at Flywheel. It's a fun way to get cardio in. And it fits in well with my new urban lifestyle. Yes, I live in Seattle, but lately I've started to pretend that I live in NYC and Flywheel fits in well with that fantasy :) I'm also trying to eat better which is a fairly constant struggle for me. I'm thinking about giving up dairy and/or getting an expensive blender so I can make kickass smoothies.

Oh! I can't believe I forgot to mention one of the more exciting yoga-related things that is happening! I'm taking my yoga show on the road! (And by yoga show, I just mean my practice) I'm taking myself to Hawaii for a week in September and my hotel is a few minutes walk away from a Bikram studio. I'm excited about this because I love my yoga and also as my mom reminded me, yogi and yoginis can always recommend a good place to get lunch near the yoga studio.

Fingers crossed that the rest of summah will include yoga and blogging. Please remember to have a summah! I love Howard Kremer's summer promotion/ministry. Life can get hectic so it's good to have a reminder to appreciate the summertime...

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