Sunday, May 31, 2009

Class + outside of class

Yesterday I went to a great class taught by Jenn. She puts so much energy into class and really tries to keep everyone motivated. Yesterday she emphasized stillness between postures. I find that really hard because I'm one of those people who will futz with my hair or pull down my tank top or whatever. At one point during class, Jenn said something like, "A. - stop fixing your hair. It looks fine." Ah yes, a reminder that no one cares what my hair looks like in Bikram class :) I do try to push myself in class no matter what, but a well-timed correction from a caring instructor really does help!

I've been reading some yogi blogs today and it kind of makes me wish I had more yogi friends, but I suppose I can just read blogs to obsess over yoga and nutrition and do other things in my "real life."

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thedancingj said...

I hope you will find your local yogi community!! They are totally out there. That's fun that you get to take Jenn's class... I read her blog RELIGIOUSLY when she was at training and I met her in LA in Feb. This is a pretty tight network. I love that. :)