Saturday, May 23, 2009

A week off

I haven't been to class since last Sunday. Last Sunday was one of those classes. One of those classes you hate. Or rather, one of those classes that I hate because I am not spiritually evolved enough to not hate classes. It was one of those classes that made me wonder why I would choose to be in a hot, skanky room with a bunch of strangers (and a friend from knitting.) My friend came to class with me. It was her third Bikram class. After class, I asked her about the class and whether she would have ever gone to another Bikram class if that had been her first one. She said probably not. That's how bad it was. And it's been such nice weather in Seattle this week. I just could not drag myself into the yoga room.

But I will get back. I'm struggling with a lot of non-yoga things in my life and doing more yoga would probably help me deal with them. And I read a funny Bikram quote on thedancingj's blog which cheered me up a bit. "Or as Bikram (definitely!) says: If you feeling great and everything is perfect in your life, you'd better watch out, something bad it coming. But if things are going terrible and you feel like shit, be happy!! Good things are going to come soon!"

I guess it's time to start being happy about feeling like shit.


Mei said...

Your comment echoes exactly what I'm feeling right now.

a. said...

Yep - I think we've definitely got some of the same stuff going on right now. Le sigh.