Monday, March 19, 2012

day 17

Good class tonight. Crazy day because I didn't go home in between work and yoga. Now I am oh so tired. Going to go to bed after I finish this post even though it's at least an hour earlier than I normally go to bed. Overall, my body has held up pretty good with this challenge. I have a couple of theories about why I'm feeling better than I did the other times I've done lots of yoga... 1. coconut water is bullshit. My recovery beverage of choice these days is Coca-cola and I think it is magical. I drink an 8 or 12 oz can of Coke after almost every class and it makes me feel alive, much more so than the coconut water ever did! I used to get leg cramps fairly regularly and it's only happened once this month and that was the night I ran 3 miles and then did yoga. For me, the electrolytes (and sugar) in Coke seem to replenish my body better than coconut water, gatorade and/or juice boxes ever did. 2. (and this is the real difference) I think getting in my car and driving after yoga was not good for my body. These days, I walk home after yoga and I think it helps keep my body a bit more stretched out after class.

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