Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The subconscious wants what the subconscious wants...

Yesterday was class #22. I have little to no memory of it. I know I was there but I have no comment on it because I can barely remember it. Today's class (23) was a bit more memorable because it happened less than an hour ago. I wasn't really enjoying class per se, but I was surviving so I thought. Then second set of fixed firm comes along and instead I started doing head to knee with stretching. Didn't work though - I made eye contact with the instructor and she was looking at me like 'WTF are you doing?!?' and she didn't agree with my subconscious that thought camel and rabbit should be skipped.
In other news, I've reached the point in the challenge where hydration and nutrition are falling by the wayside a bit. Argh. Oh well.
Just three more days!

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