Sunday, March 18, 2012

thanks for the encouragement!

Did my 16th class today. My yoga challenge can drive now :) (can't take credit for that joke - one of my teachers said it in class the other day!)

I've been getting a lot of positive encouragement over the last few weeks so I just wanted to say thanks for that. Lisa Lynn left me a super sweet comment, one of the teachers at my studio said he found my blog and liked it and the dude working at 7-11 where I bought a coke after class asked me what kind of yoga I do and how long I've been practicing. I have a fantastic group of friends but none of them are really into Bikram yoga so I'm thankful for the community online and at my studio who have been so supportive. I love putting my star sticker on the poster board at the studio every time I go to class. Feeling gratitude for the yoga and for yogis/yoginis right now.

Namaste :)

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