Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another one of my crazy Bikram theories...

No, this one isn't about sex. It's about my other favorite topic - - - FOOD! :) Back in college when I was young and foolish, my friend and I had this idea that we should only eat when we were drunk. This isn't an idea we actually implemented, but the basis for it was just that everything tastes really good when you're drunk. Even random cheap trashy food can be quite nom nom nom after a few beers. I kind of feel the same about food after Bikram yoga - things tend to taste really good to me. French fries from McDonalds taste ridiculously salty and delicious. A can of Coke is so yum that it's ridiculous that it costs less than a dollar. Tonight I'm eating Greek yogurt with sliced apricot and a bit of almond butter and even that is pretty darn tasty.
Maybe I should go to Bikram teacher training... then I would pretty much only be eating after yoga. I bet everything tastes delicious! (kidding - I'm sure Jenn or someone will chime in here about how that isn't the case!)

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Mei said...

I just drank a can of pineapple juice with lychee juice as a chaser after Tuesday's class.

You're right, food post Bikram tastes like it was made by angels, mmm.

And do come for TT if you can :)