Monday, August 17, 2009

Note to fixed firm: watch out because you're going to get pwned!

It was very hot in the yoga room today. While this did, at times, make me feel like I was going to die, I also had to look on the bright side and see that it made me feel bendier. Unlike some lucky folks, I don't have great natural flexibility. Also I have long legs and a short torso - not exactly a great yoga physique! I struggle with the postures. I love the yoga. I like reading the Bikram blogs. I put yoga classes on my calendar so I make sure I go to classes taught by teachers I like. But I have a LONG way to go on quite a few of the postures. Fixed firm has been my nemesis for quite some time. Before getting into Bikram, I was running quite a bit and I have some foot issues which I probably should go to a podiatrist for but have been avoiding it. Long story but basically that means that I have some foot/ankle/knee issues. However I was finally able to get my ass down on the floor completely in fixed firm today and was able to sort of kind of go backwards. My teacher was trying to get me to go back on one elbow first which felt kind of awkward but I guess it's similar to how you go back for camel. I'm looking forward to improving at some of my more difficult postures. I guess I've got my whole life to perfect my practice. And also I've got to remind myself that in the grand scheme of things, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT MY POSTURES LOOK LIKE! It doesn't even matter in terms of getting the full benefits from the yoga.
Ok, I'm keeping perspective on this, but am also excited to make fixed firm my bitch!


Mei said...

It doesn't matter if you can't get your back to the floor, arms over the head, etc etc. As long as you're doing everything right, the posture's perfect FOR YOU! And slowly but surely, bit by bit, butt on the floor, arms over head sideways, grab your elbows each other and you'll have a beautiful arch beneath your body :)

Lori said...

I suck at Fixed Firm. I cannot get my butt on the floor from the start. Some teachers say I can go ahead and go back. Other teacher say to wait until I can my sit bones directly on the floor before attempting to go back. It's a mystery. I usually go back but it looks ridiculous I'm sure. It's okay with me because I feel a great stretch in my quadriceps and hope that I'm increasing my flexibility and getting some benefit even though I'm doing it incorrectly.

a. said...

Mei - awww... thanks for the pep talk :)

Lori - I've been working on getting my butt to the floor for about a year and a half and yesterday was the first time it actually happened! At my studio, they consistently told me NOT to go back unless my butt was on the floor. I want to make sure my knees are safe so I was ok with not going back until I was ready.