Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14 - I think we've turned the corner!

I almost didn't make it to class on time. I was jogging down the street in rain boots trying to get to yoga! For a moment, I wanted to get to yoga. I was happy when the studio door opened because it meant I could do the earlier class. It was crowded and I was hot and sweaty before class even started, but somehow it was good. YAY YOGA! YAY ME! I'm actually looking forward to the fact that I get to go back to class tomorrow. I felt bendier and stronger today. My only issue (because I MUST COMPLAIN ABOUT SOMETHING) is that I've been going through so much water in class. My water bottle is now empty at the end of class. I (obviously) need to work on my hydration... or buy a tower of shame!

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