Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 9 - yoga helps

Left work early yesterday for an appointment of sorts. Said appointment left my ego feeling a bit bruised. I felt misunderstood. I wasn't able to control the outcome of things and it left me feeling icky. I rushed around my apartment to grab my yoga stuff and headed off to class. It was exactly what I needed. The teacher encouraged us 30 day challengers to take it easy in class when we needed to and that was a really helpful thing to hear. Also she said a few words about how when we get into the habit of judging everything as good or bad (our yoga practice, our kids/partners/etc.), it can be very negative. It made me think of the serenity prayer which also presents another way to separate life events. Everything is either something we are going to try to change or something we are going to accept. Yoga class is something I'm going to accept and the only thing I'm going to change is making sure that a regular practice stays in my life even after these 30 days.

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