Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 17 - the day I thought I might have to go on injured reserve

I rocked Day 15. I was feeling high on life. And then I realized something was not quite right around the waistband of my yoga shorts. I was itchy and there were gross red bumps. Fast forward to Day 16. Rocked class again. Like whoa. But red bumps seem worse. More red, bigger, more irritated. I reluctantly bust out ye olde Google and try to figure out what's going on. Most likely culprit seems to be heat rash. Recommended treatment for heat rash: avoid getting hot. Seriously. Well, that doesn't exactly go along well a 30 day Bikram challenge. So I continued to Google. Apparently heat rash and diaper rash are similar-ish. So fast forward to lunchtime yesterday and I'm at Whole Foods looking at the diaper rash creams. I picked up a nice Euro tube of diaper rash cream and a kombucha and I was on my way. The cream worked its magic - it was super soothing and didn't even smell like baby. I think that's because I picked the European brand :) I am now on the mend! Just wanted to document this here in case any of my other internet yogi friends encounter heat rash.

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