Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 6 + 7 - pro tip: don't eat baby back ribs before yoga

The last two days were tough in terms of the yoga. Real tough. Yesterday morning I went to spin class. It was so fun! We were rocking out on our bikes to the Go Gos and Katy Perry and it was the opposite of a Bikram class. Then in the afternoon, I went to yoga and it was bad. Real bad. Normally Saturday afternoon isn't crowded but yesterday was probably the most packed class I've ever been to. And of course there was a super tall dude in front of me who couldn't stay on his mat during the floor series. Generally I feel like yoga is really good for helping me to control my mood (and my depression/anxiety), but when someone's sweaty feet are in my personal space, it's hard for me to be cool about it. So I was hating life and feeling like a big ball of anxiety/panic towards the end of class. And it was especially hard after coming from my spin studio which is new, gorgeous and very nice in terms of personal space because you reserve your bike online in advance and it's yours. So yeah, that was a challenging class yesterday.
Fast forward to today. My friend and I were going to meet for 10am class, but then we both ended up not wanting to do that so we met for brunch. I went straight from brunch to a birthday party across town. I didn't think there would be much food at the b-day party because it was for a 1 year old and it was in the middle of the afternoon. I was wrong. I ended up being super tempted by a slider and baby back ribs. I'm not a vegetarian but I haven't been eating much meat lately. The greasiness of the meaty goodness was not sitting well with me, but I had to go to yoga because that's what one does during a 30 day challenge. I had that humbling experience of feeling like I was either going to yak or shit my pants during class. I did neither, but I did do a lot of lying on my mat. There was no triangle, there was no camel, there was only one set of a lot of other postures. My stomach has finally settled down and now I'm trying to get myself pumped for the week ahead. There is still a huge pile of laundry next to my washing machine, but I did get some grocery shopping and cooking done. Monday here I come!

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