Saturday, May 24, 2008

Class 4 (of 7 - or should I just admit now that it's going to be 6)

I only drank water during times when the teacher specifically said it was ok to have some water... and I felt better during class. That's going to be my goal from now on - to only drink water during the designated times. My concentration was a bit off during some of the standing postures. Oh well - no biggie.
And my roommate told me that my face looks thinner. I have cheekbones now :)
If I were to actually get to 7 classes this week, I would be at a class right now, but I needed an extra hour of sleep since I have a bunch of fun (non-yoga) stuff planned for today. I'm still planning to go to an afternoon class which will be class 5 and then tomorrow's class will be class 6.
So what's the plan for after this week is over? I'm really working on getting my life back on track and I think Bikram yoga should be a part of that. Am I ready for a 30 day challenge? Probably not right now. Am I going to change the name of my blog? Probably not. Basically, I'm not ready to give up running completely. While there is something to love about a hot, sweaty funky yoga room (and I'm actually becoming quite attached to my yoga mat and towel), I love the feeling of the wind in my hair when I'm out for a run. And to be honest, I think the way I've pushed myself in Bikram classes is going to make me a better runner. Running seems easy in a lot of ways.

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