Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 2 of 7 days of Bikram

Went to a class after work at the new studio. There was a different instructor who I liked better except when she got kind of wishy washy. I'm realizing how important the confidence of the instructor is. When I'm focused on the poses, I don't want to hear stuff like "you guys" or "sort of" or anything that seems like filler or uncertainty! And it seems normal at that studio for there to be a lot of opening and closing of windows. In the savasana after the standing poses, I was actually cold because of the breeze from the open windows. But there is way less funky smell in the room. I guess that makes sense - air and open windows lessen funk significantly. The carpet doesn't seem to get as wet either. So I guess I need to figure out what's right for me... but I'm leaning towards returning to the funky smelling studio after my week trial at the new studio is up.
The class last night was pretty good. I feel like I'm finally ready to start pushing myself in some of the postures and my flexibility is still nothing to brag about but it is improving. I'm still struggling with staying hydrated and fueling before class. My stomach is way more sensitive in yoga than it is when I run.

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