Sunday, May 4, 2008

i've been sick

I caught some sort of nasty cold and it's knocked me on my ass for the past week and a half. I missed a few days of work, haven't been running or doing yoga, basically it seems like life is passing me by.
Did buy a cute tank top at the REI sale though. Hot Yoga Mama recently posted about how important it is to wear less clothes to Bikram yoga even if you don't feel that great about your body so that has inspired me. If people at Bikram don't like seeing more of my wobbly bits, too bad! When I do finally get well enough to do yoga again (which should be in a day or two), I'm going to be wearing less clothes than ever before! We're not talking anything super scandalous, but normally I would wear a t-shirt and capris and now I'll be wearing a tank top and shorts instead. I'll be out of my comfort zone but I suppose that part of the point of Bikram yoga anyways.

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jfrue610 said...

heck yeah! we've all made the mistake of wearing t-shirts and long pants when we do hot yoga and it just interferes from a good pracitice. I say keep the shoulders bare, at least and wear something short enough to show your knees (and practice good alignment in standing poses).
who want's to peel off cotton clothing that just adds extra weight when you're practicing anyway? stick with the lycra and wicking fabrics. they wear better through time anyway.