Friday, May 9, 2008

the work

I went to Bikram yesterday and it smelled like feet. I wore my new shorts and tank top and it did help. My first instinct was to get judgmental about myself and start thinking that my tummy area has gotten really flabby but later in class, I felt like I was able to concentrate more on my position in the postures since I could see my shoulders. I've been every size from size 6 to size 14 in the past 5 years (I'm somewhere in the middle of that right now) and I can honestly say that there has been little to no connection between my clothing size and my happiness. So I'm going to keep wearing shorts and tank tops to Bikram even though I'm not totally comfortable with it right now.
I've been working from home for the past two days and it's been giving me way too much time to get caught up in my thoughts. I've been feeling really overwhelmed by my (negative) thoughts. After a tear-filled session last week, my life coach recommended that I try Byron Katie's The Work. So I finally started reading the Byron Katie book I checked out from the library... and I've been bawling my eyes out while reading. It's made me look at myself in a different way - highly recommended to anyone who feels stuck in their own head.
No yoga for me today - I'm going to get my eyebrows waxed instead.

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joya said...

It's hard to concentrate sometimes when the smell of feet (or other things - YIKES -) are in the air when you're trying to do yoga. Hot yoga is the worst for body odor. My husband took it last night and driving home together was not pleasant.
Good for you for just taking care of yourself though! A good cry always makes me feel better.
And a good brow waxing does wonders too.