Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lite yoga week

Made it to Bikram on Tuesday. It was a really good class. I arrived a bit late due to forgetting my mat at home and remembering it only after I was already in my car driving to the studio. Since I was late to arrive, all of the "good" spots (translation: spots in the corners away from the instructor) were already taken. So I ended up almost directly in front of the teacher. And that was intimidating but it was also really good. I care about my form and I want to improve. So really I was getting my money's worth by having the teacher see me and help me with my postures. Although I was definitely dreading hearing my name :-)
Didn't make it to class last night. Drank wine with coworkers after work instead.
Was planning to go to a class directly after work but I just realized that I didn't actually bring my yoga stuff with me... so that's obviously not going to work. Ugh.

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