Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 1 of my 7 days of Bikram

I went to Bikram at the new to me studio last night. It was small and the facilities aren't great. They charge $1 if you want to fill up your water bottle. It smelled slightly when you entered the registration/changing area but it was very subtle compared to the other studio. The instructor kept fiddling around with opening the windows and turning off the heaters. It was odd because there are points in other Bikram classes where I've prayed that a window would open and a cool breeze would appear... but then when it actually did, turns out that I didn't like it because it was super distracting. And also now that I've been reading Jenn's blog about Bikram Teacher Training, I feel like I know more about how a Bikram class is supposed to be. Let's just put it this way - the instructor last night was not sticking to the dialogue. I'm starting to see beauty in a proper Bikram class even if the heat is tough and the language is sometimes funny.
I found myself really distracted in class last night. While I didn't miss the funky smell of the other studio, I did miss how orderly and predictable classes are there. I pushed myself on some postures that I usually just sort of phone it in for. Didn't do camel though - felt too gross by that point in class. Still struggling with how much I can eat before class and when.
I'm going to continue to go to the new studio as much as possible for the rest of the week. They have other instructors who I'm hoping are better than the one I had last night. Plus I've already paid for unlimited classes for the week.
Another big thanks to Hot Yoga Mama for convincing me to wear the right kind of yoga clothes. I'm in love with the Prana Lola top and I picked up a bunch of other new workout stuff on my mini-break last weekend. And yes, I am the kind of person who is motivated by having the right gear for my hobbies.

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