Sunday, January 24, 2010

#22 + #23 - for a few moments, I am just one class behind!

Practiced this morning with my mom. Her very accurate observation before class was "there are some much more normal looking guys here today." It's true - there were some normal looking guys there today. Not sure what it's like where you practice, but there is a stereotypical Bikram guy look around here and it's even mentioned in the Yelp reviews for the studio I usually practice at.
Oh yeah, back to the yoga. I knew I was planning to practice again in the afternoon so I didn't want to leave it all on the mat in the morning. Had an ok class. I love the teacher I had this morning -she gives *great* corrections.
Afternoon yoga was class taught by Jenn. As I've mentioned here, I love Jenn. I will be honest though - I don't want to share Jenn with 50+ other students! My morning class was about 20 and I'll admit it again here - hearing my name every once in a while keeps me honest! When I'm in the back hardly able to see the mirror, it's kind of an invitation to be a slacker. While I'm happy the studio is busy, I am not yet to the point where I can love the group energy and embrace having someone's feet in my face. I had some angry yogi moments in class today. My inner monologue was not very yogi-like. Also I think I was just tired/drained because I had already practiced today. I don't really like doing doubles. This was only my third so maybe I just haven't gotten the hang of them yet.


オテモヤン said...


bikramyogachick said...

Doubles are tough. They are not my favorite. I have to do one myself. Ugh!
Love the chinese spam comment. I get those sometimes too.

a. said...

that's actually japanese spam and i think it's sort of my fault because i mentioned speaking japanese a few posts back :)

Joy said...

Happy belated birthday! I've been reading some Bikram blogs and found yours. :-) I had to comment because we have the same birthday (25th), both live in Seattle and may even go to the same studio (weird, huh?) ...thanks for doing your blog, fun to read!!