Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Class 7 - not one of my finer moments

Class was challenging both mentally and physically today. It seems (from Twitter at least) that quite a few of us are struggling with what to eat and when to eat. Physically I just didn't feel very energetic and overall I was not excited to be in the room. It didn't help matters when I saw that the teacher who taught the 105 minute class over the weekend would be teaching. That is not what the online schedule said! But hey - class tonight was only 100 minutes so I guess I should be thankful! But seriously, IT IS NOT PROFESSIONAL to do that on a regular basis. The poses haven't changed. There is a clock in the room. And even though I feel sorry for myself when class goes late (and you know I do feel sorry for myself) it's the brand new yogis I really feel for. And if I wasn't going to class every damn day, I probably wouldn't care as much, but 10-15 minutes late PER CLASS would be over an hour of my time each week. NOT COOL.
Ok, end crazy ranting. Clearly all this yoga is making me grumpy at the moment. And oh so hungry yet with a tummy that doesn't feel that great. Ugh.


bikramyogachick said...

100 minutes! I think I would maybe say something (nicely) to studio management. Mostly because it's already 90 mins out of our day and many people may have somewhere to be afterwards! The eating/hrdrating is such a challenge during a challenge. Hopefully you find your stride soon!

a. said...

I already said something to the instructor earlier in the week after the 105 minute class. He's also the studio owner and his response was that he tells the other instructors to end on time but that he just talks to much. GAH! I would have complained to him again last night but he wasn't at the desk when I was leaving. If it continues to happen, I'm just going to leave the room when the 90 minutes is up even if that means missing a few postures. He said it was fine to leave if the class is running late.. it's just that no one else seems to so I don't want to be "that guy" but at the same time, keeping 40 people 10 minutes extra = 400 minutes of wasted time --- OVER 6 HOURS OF PEOPLE'S TIME!
Ok, end rant.
Thanks for your comment. Either things will get better or I'll just decide that this challenge isn't the right thing for me right now.