Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Class 24 pwned me

Ugh. Class 24 completely kicked my ass. It was the teacher I suspect
did drama (or show choir) in high school... and now I suspect that
SHE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THE HEAT/VENTILATION IN THE YOGA ROOM! I'm serious. She was opening the windows yet I think the heat
in the room was actually still on. Gah. It was definitely a Bikram
torture chamber. Considering how freaking hot and sweaty and terrible
it was, I only sat out a few postures, but I could never really get
into a groove in class and my mind was all over the place. I haven't
felt this bad after class since some of my first classes. I went into
the locker room after class and ate a fruit leather. I still felt
gross and there was a line for the shower so I went back into the
yoga room to fill up my water bottle. I ran into H. and M. (my new
yoga friends!) and they were complaining about the heat, too. I have
NEVER felt the room that hot in between classes before. Then I went
back and took a shower and got ready. I had been planning to go buy
my birthday present for myself after class (an iphone!) but I just
wanted to go home. I swung by my neighborhood market to pick up a
sandwich. I ate it and watched a bit of "30 Rock" and I still feel
completely wrecked. This is what I felt like after my first couple of
classes. My very first class I did with my sorority sister from
college. I thought it would never end and after class I went and got
McDonalds because all I could think was that I needed a Coke and
greasy fries! That's how I felt tonight but I got a Reuben sandwich
and chips instead!!! Oh and can I just mention that a Reuben has lots
of salty savory awesomeness? It's no peanut butter and pickle but
it's pretty damn close.

Was thinking about doing the 6am class tomorrow but that is not going
to happen! Hope you didn't get thrown under the yoga bus today like I
did :)

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