Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I have officially hit the wall... + Class 17 + Class 18

Class 17 was Monday. I did the 6pm class which meant I was late to knitting. Class was hot and crowded yet sort of ok at the same time. One of my favorite teachers was teaching and she's one of those people who I definitely trust to get me through class.

Class 18 was last night. It was super crowded (50+ people) and I was having yoga angst. You know - one of those classes where one's inner monologue is set to super speed. But seriously I do think some of the complaints were slightly valid. The teacher who was teaching is new to the studio (and I think teaching in general) and I really don't think she was managing the temperature right. In the room, there are vents that can be set to let in cool air and there are fans and there are high windows that can be opened. Instead of using the vents, last night's teacher left the fans on forever. The fans were recirculating hot, skanky air. The fans are distracting when I am in yoga angst mode. So that was making me on edge and then the teacher was speaking in a weird voice and was fake smiling a lot. She seemed to think she was very cute when she was fake smiling and all I could think was, "I bet this chick did drama in high school (due to the weird overdramatic voice thing)." I guess part of it is just that I take class from some AMAZING teachers so when the not so amazing ones are there, it's an especially dramatic difference. Ok - that's probably enough ranting about my yoga angst. Class wise, the standing series went quite well but I was soooo drained by the time we got to the floor. I went over to a friend's house after yoga and didn't get home until about 11pm.

And that brings us to today. I could not get out of bed this morning - I was soooooo tired. I'm kind of a morning person (translation: big nerd) and I generally can get out of bed when ye olde alarm goes off. That was not the case this morning. I reset my alarm for 30 minutes later. I didn't even bring my yoga bag to work today. I am officially drained. I need a day off. I know these are my white girl problems and plenty of people work harder than me... but I'm trying to listen to my body which is saying that it needs an evening of Netflix and vegging out. Skipping today will put me two classes behind. But I'm basically at the point where 101 classes in 101 days seems like too much for me. How would I feel if instead for me it was 92 classes in 101 days? 95 classes in 101 days? Even 80 classes in 101 days? That would still be pretty freaking awesome, right?

So today I will rest.

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waylon said...

good luck getting back in there. you'll be ite. just drive to class, get in there, relax and breathe. that's all that is important.