Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Class 12 + my first day off

Class 12 was a reminder that I really can't get away with eating indian food for lunch on days that I do 6pm yoga. It just doesn't work for my stomach and therefore doesn't work for me. I did not feel that good and sat out a couple of postures. Also my knees were bugging me a bit. I've struggled with knee issues for years. I tried to be very conscious of being easy on my knees and some of the postures felt different. I think that sometimes I must be tensing my muscles weirdly or something and making the postures harder than they are. That's not a very good explanation but it just felt like some postures were easier when I was focusing on not stressing my knees.
I took yesterday off. Drank a beer after work with work people, went out to dinner with friends and then went to Target. My new plan to get through the 101 days is to throw in a few morning (6am) classes and allow myself to take a day of every 10 days or two weeks or so. I was able to do 30 days in a row previously, but I wasn't working. 101 days is a marathon, not a sprint, so I'm all about adjusting things so that I can complete this challenge.
Back on my mat after work today and I'm kinda looking forward to it :)

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