Friday, January 15, 2010

class 13 + class 14 + upcoming plans for my sporty life

Class 13 - I know I attended Class 13. I ran into Jenn after Class 13. I stood kind of by the door in Class 13. Basically I remember very little else about Class 13. It existed, I was there, afterwards I ate a middle eastern fried cauliflower pita and tumeric rice. Delish!

Class 14 - Went to class right after work. Classes right after work tend to be freaking crowded although as the month rolls on and the new years resolutioners go away, it's slightly better. But it's not the practice I'm used to. I first started practicing at my studio regularly in the spring of 2008. By spring, classes are getting smaller so the teachers learn everyone's names and give loads o' corrections! Especially if you're a not so coordinated baby yogi like myself! Then for a lot of 2009, I practiced at off hours due to being unemployed. Go to a noon class on a Tuesday and you'll get loads of personal attention. While I know that my practice is for me, the idea that the teacher is watching does help me stay focused. In Class 13 and Class 14, I had teachers who I knew weren't watching me. I was in the back, they didn't know my name.. kinda allowed me to slack a bit. Nothing really wrong with that especially since this challenge is a marathon not a sprint. I guess it's good for me to recognize that I generally have a better, more engaged class if I am taking class from a teacher I know and who knows me.

My post yoga workout life - yes, I'm already thinking about it. New plan is... ... ... wait for it.. ... ... Seattle Marathon 2010! I ran a half marathon in 2008 and my friend and I are signed up to run the Portland Half Marathon in October this year. The Seattle Marathon is 7 weeks after the Portland Half so I'll already be training... Seems like it might work out well. Haven't signed up yet, but it's very much on my mind lately. Unless I find myself a boyfriend, I'm thinking that 2010 will be the year that I am really sporty :)


~m said...

a sporty 2010 you sounds great, but
maybe you'll meet your boyfriend while being sporty :~}

bikramyogachick said...

A challenge and a marathon. That is for sure sporty!

willson said...

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