Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kurasu Nijuichi

Did class 21 yesterday. Want to catch up so I'm not two behind. Have been thinking about squeezing in two classes today but will probably not practice tomorrow because it's my birthday and I've got a date with friends and cake. Anyway, class 21. It was hot hot hot. Two people left the room during class. That's quite rare at my studio. I have to say I wasn't all that unhappy when they walked out because I was near the door so I was thinking, "breeze sweet breeze." Overall it was a decent class although somewhat of a struggle. One of my favorite teachers was teaching and she is Japanese. After class she was at the desk speaking in Japanese to a Japanese woman. I could tell she was just about to switch to English to say goodbye to me, but I cut her off at the pass with a cheery, "Mata ne!" (Japanese equivalent of "[see you] later") They both laughed and chimed in with a "sayonara" and a "bye bye." I was amused by it and I think they were, too. It's fun to bust out Japanese with random Japanese people in Seattle because they never expect it.

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