Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yoga mini-break + Class 19 + the state of my studio

Took a mini-break from yoga last night. Didn't go to yoga which means
that I am now 2 classes behind (boo!), but my mini-break was rad! I
got Chinese takeout and watched Singles and worked on a quilt
project. It was GREAT! I needed a day away from the room, a little
time to veg and really sometimes takeout and a movie is the perfect
thing. I think the thing about the challenge is that it's a reminder
that sometimes pushing through is what we need to do and sometimes we
need to listen to our minds/bodies when they tell us we need a day
off. And of course here I'm talking about us mere mortals, not
@ilovesweat who goes to class every day even when we're not having a
challenge! Anyway, my day off was awesome and I'm hoping to do a
double Sunday to make up one of my classes, but then Monday is my
birthday so I won't go to class unless I do the 6am so that would
make me at -2 yet again. Oh well - no biggie. This is a marathon, not
a sprint!!!


It was hot hot and crowded in class tonight but I felt like I was
having a great standing series. The floor was a little different, but
overall it was good and I was happy I was there. I ate less that
usual today due to an early morning dentist appointment which left
half of my mouth (and part of my nose) feeling numb. Work BFF and I
went to get coffee and I had to get mine iced so I could drink it
through a straw! Anyway my breakfast was only yogurt, lunch ended up
being small, didn't get to eat as much crackers + almond butter as I
wanted because my boss came by my desk just as I was passing out
snack to Work BFF #2. Point is I think I actually felt better having
less in my stomach. This is probably obvious to the experience
practitioners, but I really struggle because Bikram makes me
HUNGRY!!!! But I'm going to try to tweak my food intake a bit and
need to send Jenn an email because she said she has some suggestions
for me.


Not sure what it's been like at your studios, but it has been packed
at my studio since the new year started. While I think it's great
that people want to do yoga, I (selfishly) am craving a bit more
personal space. There are lots of newbies at class. I feel a bit bad
for them that they aren't getting the personal attention that I got
when I was the new kid. I am so thankful that I started doing Bikram
when I did. I had some amazing teachers who really encouraged me. One
of them recently moved to New Zealand and I'm surprisingly bummed
about it. He was one of my biggest cheerleaders and didn't care about
how sweaty I was - he would help twist my leg on Eagle or pull up my
legs in Floor Bow anyway. I miss that guy!


bikramyogachick said...

Isn't that the best? When you get some help like that? Misha stepped on my feet in cobra last night to hold them down. I love instructors who don't care how sweaty you are or that they are touching your feet! :)
Like I said on twitter last night, singles rocks! Let's find our scott cambell!

Anny said...

Ha I'm a newbie - took my first class today. There were about 20 people in the class and two of us were first-timers although the instructor mentioned a few second timers too.

New years resolutions kicking in? :)