Sunday, January 17, 2010

Class 15 & 16 + never make me go to Costco after yoga

Practiced with my mom yesterday. Had a great new to me teacher. She
had great energy and didn't talk to much. Really good class for me -
one of the best ones I've had in a while.
After class, my mom said she just needed to run to Costco for a
microwave. This ended up being totally false. She needed a microwave
which went in one cart and then she filled up another cart with other
stuff. I do not recommend a trip to Costco on a Saturday after you've
left it all on the mat at Bikram yoga! I was not a happy camper at
Costco and even samples couldn't revive me! Went home and rested up
for a few hours before meeting up with friends and then I was a-ok.
Today was class 16. I was there. I was sweaty and tired. Not much
else to say.

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Anny said...

Costco on a regular day is tiring - forget after yoga!