Friday, January 22, 2010

Class 20 + you're never the same person as when you walked in the door...

Did Class 20 tonight. Kinda bummed that I'm two days behind - I liked
knowing what class I was on by looking at the calendar. Le sigh. The
standing series was pretty good but I kinda died on the floor. My
tummy was not feeling good. Did this happen to me two weeks ago? Yes
it did. Did I eat the exact same lunch two weeks ago? Yes, I did.
Note to self: no Indian food on yoga days. After class, I had a
coconut water and it was MAGICAL! It made me feel alive again. One
thing I love about Bikram yoga is that it makes you appreciate some
of the simpler things in life - a cool breeze, fresh air (especially
when it smells like Mr. Butt is on the mat next to you - note: Mr.
Butt is what my friend and I say is the cause of bad smelling rooms),
icy cold water, the energy you get from coconut water or a snack
after class. Gotta love the simpler things especially when life feels


And oh yes, life is feeling complicated these days. I'm trying to
take the lessons from the yoga room and apply them to life. Trying to
take the advice from camel - just feel whatever I'm feeling and not
attach to it. But that's easier said than done especially when I feel
bad about what I'm feeling because it's "wrong" and I shouldn't be
feeling it. I know that's cryptic and I wrote it that way on purpose.
I was feeling super overwhelmed by everything today and almost cried
at my desk at work. I'm not saying yoga healed everything or anything
like that because it didn't and it never will, but I do find that my
problems always look a little different after yoga. I always feel a
little different when I leave and sometimes a lot different. I'm
thankful for my yoga practice and while I still struggle with fitting
90 minutes of yoga in daily, I think for me the mental benefits of
the 90 minutes probably outweigh the physical benefits even though
those are great, too. So I guess what I'm trying to say is YAY YOGA!
Now time to hide under the covers and watch some Grey's Anatomy...


bikramyogachick said...

I'm hiding under the covers and watching grays anatomy too....and private practice. Do you watch that? **sighs with glee at guilty pleasure**

a. said...

i <3 grey's but private practice is a bit much for me! :)

yogi cheryl in dc said...

LOVE your blog! Thank you for your inspirations & your funni-ness about all things yoga.

Your entry a bit back on indian food totally got to me - because that was me just the other week too!

And yes, coconut water has never tasted better after a REALLY hot workout. We get pineapple here sometimes in Wash DC and these 'normal looking guys' said - oh, that pineapple after the workout is THE best FOOD ever!!!

And love what you say about the mental benefits. Physical benefits are clear but I've also had a new awakening.

Not doing daily (I commend you!) but 4x/week and got inspired by the Oprah mag articles.

Thank you!!

a. said...

thanks yogi cheryl! yeah, this is a yoga blog, but i consider myself sort of a baby yogi - not a serious yogi :) i'm glad you got a kick out of my silly ramblings!