Sunday, January 31, 2010

Class 27 + 28 - - - BIKRAM ROAD TRIP!

Started out my road trip with 8am class at my studio yesterday morning. Left for Portland right afterward. Stopped only for an Egg McMuffin and to fill up my gas tank. Spent time with friends yesterday. Crept out of my friend's house this morning for 8am yoga in Portland. The studio was nice and I liked the studio and instructor. Of course every time you practice somewhere new, there are weird little hiccups, but overall, I was happy to be there. That was followed by more q.t. (quality time) with my pals and a fairly uneventful drive home. Wish I could have stayed longer because I love Portland but overall it was a good trip and I'm glad I got to practice down there. It's nice to have a change of scenery :)


bikramyogachick said...

Portland is such a cool little town! I love visiting studios when I travel, so much fun isn't it?

Anny said...

Wow you were really prepared! I'm glad you liked the studio :)

a. said...

Michelle - Yes, I agree! I love Portland and it is fun to visit other studios :)

Anny - yep, I was prepared! I had stinky yoga stuff galore in the trunk on my drive home :) But it was actually a great thing to do even though I was only gone for a few days. Driving in my car makes me feel all hunched and stiff so it was good to stretch out!