Monday, February 1, 2010

Class 29 + bus clusterfuck

Did class 29 this evening. Yes, that makes me 3 classes behind - soon to be 4 because I'm meeting up with my girl friends for happy hour tomorrow after work and there is no chance I'm practicing at 6am tomorrow morning. I feel like I'm trying to hang on to my motivation but it's slipping a bit. That being said, I've thought about when I will practice for the rest of the week and plan to squeeze a double in on the weekend. So I guess I'm still sort of on track.

I meant to practice at 6pm tonight, but due to a bus clusterfuck, I couldn't get to class in time. I usually practice then go to my knitting group on Monday nights, but tonight I went to knitting first, then yoga. I'm glad I did! Jenn told me that there were 64 people at the 6pm class! ick. 8pm was much more civilized!

I've been feeling kind of feisty lately and not necessarily in a good way. I'm going to try to work on just feeling what I'm feeling but not attaching - like what is recommended in camel. I'm kind of embarrassed by how I've reacted to a few things lately, but I guess if I can see what's happening, then that's the first step towards dealing with life differently in the future. Also for me, staying well hydrated, well rested and well fed tends to improve my mood A LOT so I think I need to put a little more effort into really taking care of myself. It's not like anyone else is doing it - I need to set boundaries and make sure that I'm happy and healthy.

Ok enough deep thoughts - time for bed!


bikramyogachick said...

Gah, I'm TWO behind myself and not looking forward to the doubles. Oh well, we'll just keep plugging away!

Anny said...

The 6am classes scare me. Between preparing, taking the class, showering and going back home that's almost a 2.5 hour time commitment and would leave me hurried on the way to work.

I hope you recenter yourself soon :)

a. said...

Michelle - yeah, the thoughts of doubles doesn't exactly warm my heart :) But yes, we need to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Anny - I would definitely encourage you to check out a 6am class sometime if you have time. It's a really unique experience! That being said, I didn't go to bed until after midnight last night so that means there is no chance I can make it to 6am class. I would probably just shower at my studio and head to work from there, but I agree - it is a lot to do before work.
And thanks for your support on the recentering :)