Friday, February 12, 2010

Apparently I can't count...

Ok, so I did class #39 this morning and class #40 after work even though the previous post says it was #40! I blame yoga brain :) The real class #40 rocked!!! It was the best class I've had in so long! Practiced at the studio up north with one of my favorite teachers. The air always seems fresher up there. It's a much newer studio than my normal one and they seem to keep it cleaner. But back to me - I rocked it! Did every posture except toe stand (2nd set of tree instead due to my right knee still being the tiniest bit tender) and felt so good! I had energy! It was great - I'm on a yoga high right now :)

I was next to a first timer at class tonight. My heart went out to her - she was suffering! She tried to get up and leave the room after rabbit, but the teacher talked her back to her mat. Have I posted about my first class here? I don't think so. My first class was a few days before Christmas, December 2007. I had recently broken up with the person I considered the love of my life. Or rather he had broken up with me. Anyway, I read in some dumb article on a blog or something that after a breakup, you should accept any invitation to anything. I sort of operate this way anyway, but right after my breakup, I said yes to everything. I went to figure drawing (!) with a friend from work and Bikram yoga (!!!!!) with one of my sorority sisters from college. I've never been back to figure drawing - I think I lack the maturity (and art skills) to draw nude models. But I got hooked on the Bikram yoga even though my first class was hellish. I thought it would never be over. The ~25 minutes of "warm up" nearly killed me. There was no clock and I had no idea how much time had passed. I didn't understand how other people were still standing up and doing postures because I was flat on my mat. I thought water would save me but as we all know now, drinking water doesn't help that much! Basically the class was hard and stressful and more challenging than almost anything I had done in my life... but I felt so amazing after class. I wanted more. I wanted to figure out how to do this yoga and how to make it through this class! I didn't start practicing regularly right away because I was training for a half marathon. In April 2008, after the race, I started practicing more regularly and the rest is history :)

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