Friday, February 5, 2010

Class 31 + When i get sad i stop being sad and be awesome instead, true story

I could complain about #31. The schedule was wrong so the instructor ended up being SternYogi who I don't particularly care for. Yes, I'm still bitter about the time last year when her oh so helpful feedback in Standing Head to Knee was "A. - that grip is not going to cut it." Uh, thanks. I'm not kicking out so I don't think it matters all that much and maybe telling me what to do (rather that just saying I'm wrong) would be a better way to go. Gah. So yes, I have issues with this particular instructor and try to avoid her. It was 8pm class and after a long day at work, I don't do that well starting something at 8pm unless it's a bottle of wine. But there was one funny part in class. I was pretty tuned out during the floor series. My knee had started hurting during Awkward Pose and I was worried about it all through the standing series. By the time we hit the floor, I felt pretty drained. So imagine my surprise when after spine twist I hear her say something that sounds like, "And that's the end of the awesomeness." WTF? Did Barney Stinson from "How I Met Your Mother" just take over SternYogi's body? She went on to say that we do 26 asanas and end class with a breathing exercise. Oh wait - the way she says asanas is just sort of weird and mumbly and sounds like awesomeness. \
Ah well, it would have been really odd to hear Barney Stinson-isms at yoga. Odd but legen... wait for it... dary. LEGENDARY!


Anny said...

ROFL imagine if Barney were a yoga instructor...there would be wine and no other guys present!

a. said...

I think that would be an incredible HIMYM episode if Barney was a yoga instructor! I should try to pitch it to CBS :)