Monday, February 15, 2010

Class 42 + if you're going to practice this yoga...

Ugh. Bad class today. I arrived at the studio super early because I drove to work instead of taking the bus due to free street parking near by office because of the "holiday." I say "holiday" because obviously I didn't have the day off! So after getting changed and putting my mat down, I had about 22 minutes to kill. UGH! Practiced near Jenn who as we all know is a kick ass yogi. I am inspired by her strength and focus. As I was fidgeting with my pigtails, shirt, etc., she was just looking into her own eyes. Jenn for the win! And yes, I would like to note that I have been called out by both Jenn and Robert, another teacher, for fixing my hair between postures. Need to work on that :)
Today's class was so bad that I was forced to remind myself of what my running trainer used to say. As long as there are good runs (or in this case, classes) in recent memory, there is no need to worry! Also the teacher I had today for class (who is one of my favorites) said that in order to do this yoga for months or years, we have to be ok with ourselves. (I'm paraphrasing here so no exact quotes.) Our body isn't going to be the same every class so in order to do the yoga, we have to accept what we can do this day, in this class. It was something I really needed to hear as I was struggling in class. I think it was a combination of my routine being off (arriving too early) and the fact that I was stiff from not practicing yesterday. Here's to hoping for a better class tomorrow!

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bikramyogachick said...

That's actually what is nice about this yoga. Even though the sequence is the same, our experience of ourselves in that room is never the same. So next time you feel good in there, you'll just appreciate it more after the so so practice yesterday. :)