Friday, February 12, 2010

Class #40 + "it's a practice, not a demonstration"

Did Class 40 at 6am this morning before work. There were quite a few things I liked about practicing that early - the locker room isn't crowded, no line for the bathroom or to fill up my water bottle, plenty of space in the yoga room. But there were also some down sides - it's hard to get out of bed at 5:20am, I felt so stiff and not bendy. But I'm glad I went because I need to catch up - hate being 4 days behind. So the plan is still to hit another class after work.

Yesterday SternYogi was teaching and she said something that really resonated with me. She said not to worry so much about what our postures look like because "it's a practice, not a demonstration." Definitely a good thing to remember especially for those of us who want to have amazing postures, but don't.


cheryl said...

I just LOVE your posts! You get me so into it. I'm not as hard core as you - only go 3-4x/week and with the snow in DC this week, I haven't been since Sat. Really looking forward to tonight.

Totally relate to our 6:15am classes - love that I don't have to fight for space, though last week there were 15 as opposed to the normal 7-8... though better than 60 at the 6pm class.

I loved your last post on getting your life back on track. Go, you!! I'm doing that too. Eating better, losing a little excess weight, mentally better, etc.

And I loved what you said a couple of weeks ago about how you have trouble starting anything at 8pm unless it's a glass of wine!

thanks for your posts!

bikramyogachick said...

am classes are so hard. Good for you for dragging yourself out of bed at that god awful hour!

a. said...

Awwww... thanks Cheryl! I'm glad you enjoyed my posts :) I try to keep it real - there are lots of more "perfect" yogis out there, but I'm just a normal girl trying to become more yogi-like :)

bikramyogachick - Yeah, I'm trying to force myself into some morning classes so I can have my evenings free. But they're definitely a challenge to get to especially when it's still so dark outside at that time of the morning.