Tuesday, February 2, 2010

No yoga room for me today - trying to bring the yoga everywhere...

Stayed up late last night emailing with an old friend so no 6am yoga this morning and no 6pm yoga because I had plans to meet friends for drinks after work. I'm trying to take the lessons of my yoga practice and apply them to life. So when I had a bit of verbal diarrhea and blabbed and blabbed (and blabbed) over my second beer (and a BLT), I tried to just see it as a bit of toxic stuff I needed to get out of my system! And I told my friends about a (non-yoga related) project I'm afraid to start. It's like toe stand - can't be afraid, just need to bend forward.
Yeah, I'm totally becoming one of those obnoxious people who tries to related yoga to everything :)

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