Thursday, February 18, 2010

Class #44 and Class #45 + trying to get focused...

I practiced last night after work. It was one of my least preferred teachers. She seemed totally spacey last night. It was crowded, lots of new people and lots of people left the room. After class, lots of people were complaining about the "bad energy" in the room. It was one of those classes that made me think that I need to stop practicing at the class right after work. It's so crowded that you have to push through people to find room to put your stuff down in the locker room, you wait in line for the bathroom, wait in line for water, try to strategize to get a spot in the room that doesn't suck... basically by the time class even starts, you've already done too much "work"!
Fast forward to 6am this morning... except for the part where there was frost on my car which I had to scrape - guess it is still February - there were no hassles at yoga. Yeah, I was tired and still and joked with the teacher that I had to keep telling myself to gambatte (Japanese for persverance/guts) but I didn't have to deal with any of the pre-class aggravation. Yes, I'm trying to sell the class to myself, too - getting up at 5:30am doesn't come so naturally to me!
As we get really really close to the halfway point of this challenge, I'm in awe of what we're doing... yet there is part of me that wonders whether I've learned enough from this. Is it time to do those other things I want to do or to tough this out for the next 52 days?
This might just be tiredness and hunger talking right now so don't take my talk of quitting too seriously :)


bikramyogachick said...

I've had a few days this week of "why am I doing this?" thoughts. The same thing happened to me last year when I did 99 classes in 101 days. About the halfway mark I felt the same way.

cheryl said...

Keep it up!!

I'm so impressed you did an evening class then a 6am class! I've been bad about our 6:15am classes but our 6pm classes have gotten a bit more tolerable (Feb, maybe the new year's resolutioners are dropping off!)

thanks for re-inspiring me to do a morning class!

Anny said...

You're making me reconsider a morning class :)

a. said...

bikramyogachick - thanks! it's nice to know that i'm not alone :)

cheryl - i definitely recommend trying a morning class! they are great - a really different energy than night classes.

Anny - you've got to try it at least once! :)