Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Class 30 + some lovely self-sabotage

I was reading on Seth Godin's blog yesterday about the lizard brain and I got to experience it today at yoga. All day today I was kind of thinking that I didn't want to go to yoga. I had to go to a meeting out in the suburbs so my routine was off. Instead of being a good yogi and hydrating after work, I had something to eat. A big something to eat. Ergo my stomach felt like crap for a good chunk of yoga. I was tempted to skip class because I had eaten but clearly that is sabotage because part of me doesn't want to skip class because I'm already down four on Bikram 101.
Not sure what my ultimate point is here, but just wanted to acknowledge the fact that I am my own worst enemy. Need to start being my own best friend methinks.

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bikramyogachick said...

my friends always tell me "be nice to yourself! you wouldn't talk to your best friend like that!" we don't always treat ourselves with love and care, do we? :)
glad you went anyway even though you suffered a bit with the full tummy.