Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bikram Torture Chamber + Yelp Reviews

Day 3, Class 3
The room was so f-ing hot today - I felt like I was being baked alive. People (including me) were sitting out lots of postures, people left the room (not me though - I have never left the room during class) and overall it just wasn't that pleasant. And I forgot to bring my Juicy Juice juice box to have after class. Le sigh.


I was looking up reviews of Seattle bikram studios on Yelp and they are pretty funny. I found these comments hilarious - "Minus two stars for the crowd: there was maybe one non-creepy male, who was vastly outnumbered by the likes of the tattooed fortysomething in flesh-coloured boxer briefs. I came here to practice yoga, not listen to your farts or hear about how much orgasm-less sex you've had. Unfortunately, I hear this kind of audience comes with the after-work Monday time slot." Heh.

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