Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 24 + my new laid back attitude

Day 24, Class 24

Things were going fine until triangle pose when I just felt so tired and drained. So I laid down on my mat. And I spent quite a bit of quality time there during the rest of class. And I'm totally ok with it. I felt quite strong in class yesterday and I've got 6 more classes until the end so maybe my body just needed a little break today.


Another reason I have a new laid back attitude is due to some conversations I've had with people on Twitter. One of my Twitter acquaintances @yogaballs makes me laugh so much. Really the combination of yoga and balls is just hilarious! Plus he's an insightful, witty guy who is starting teacher training any minute now. He's obviously serious about the yoga, but also wants to lighten things up a bit. And I'm right there with him. My friend and I got yelled at for talking in the yoga room yesterday. We knew we shouldn't have been talking but we did it anyway and someone asked us rather rudely to leave the room. C'mon people - let's keep things in perspective. It's just yoga. If I laid on my mat for the entire class, it wouldn't really matter in the larger scheme of things. And quite frankly, I do the yoga so that I can feel good in the rest of my life, not because I want to have a kick ass balancing stick pose.

I think I'm rambling. Time to go make some dinner...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and your friend were the ones being rude. If the studio has a no talking in the room policy you should follow you need to chit chat with your girlfriend do it in the hall before and after class. Be considerate...make that a part of your new laid back attitude and you'll find your true yoga.

mp said...

Actually my studio *doesn't* have a no talking policy. And I am a considerate person but feel free to judge if that's part of your "true" yoga.

mp said...

Just to clarify again, the "incident" happened after class. I suppose there is a no talking policy during class. This was not during class.

Mary E said...

Hey There!
This exchange of combative comments that I have just read is EXACTLY why I do not have a "No Talking Rule" at my yoga schools!
I have been with Bikram for over 25 years.I have NEVER had a No Talking the class,before class, after you can see from your posts,it creates bad behavior and self righteous indignation from a LOT of people.hahahahaha
Where's the "Yoga" in that?!?!?
I do not mind if people quietly chat to each other after class in the yoga room.They feel good...they are at their best and it is the easiest time to talk to strangers and make new friends.
You oviously like yoga but are not trying to be a Yoga Champion !
I believe that you are the majority of people who practice yoga in all my years of experience. Nothing wrong with that.
Some students yell at talkers and tell them to be quiet....If I hear about it,I tell the students to not reprimand another student because,as I have said,I do not have that rule.
Good for you for staying in the class even when you were not at your best. true yoga...
Against all odds,you changed your mind and followed thru...something magnificent is still happening for you in class even when you are hardly moving!
The more we exchange communication the better...My hope is that it comes with expansive thought not judging.....It is better that way.
Keep on with the yoga and keep on with the blogs...Good for you!

mp said...

Mary E - thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate it and I think you definitely understand where I am a yogi right now. Your kind words mean a lot - especially coming from someone with so much Bikram experience. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me!!!

Anonymous said...

"We knew we shouldn't have been talking but we did it anyway". Definitely sounds to me like you were the rude one because you had an option of talking outside the room. The one who asked you to be quiet had every right to ask you to be quiet, not having an option. Savasanah is a very important time whether it is considered as during class or "after" class