Sunday, April 26, 2009

Just to clarify the "getting yelled at in the yoga room"

We were not talking during class. It was not an instructor who told us not to talk - it was another yogini. We whispered a sentence or two to each other while we rolled up our mats after class. If that is the kind of behavior that merits being scolded in the room as well as on this blog, well, that just seems silly to me.


mckinley said...

i'll admit, i've shushed people before, but i've been shushed myself more than a few times. sometimes, after class, you can't wait to talk to yr friend next to you! i remember i practised next to my favorite teacher once and after our final savasana, she turned and started talking to me. i was like, you're a teacher, shouldn't we be quiet? not really, but in my mind i thought that. you know, there's so much emotion flowing during class, it's hard to hold back when class is over. yeah, it is rude, but not meant to be.

Anonymous said...

no one but the teacher has a right to shhh you. We are all students practicing together. If you relaxing is so tenuous that it falters because some whispers, then it was not much to begin with. Bikram will sing dance, talk to people after class. He will always try to steal your peace, and when you get mad at him, he will tell you that he won, because he stole your peace.
Don't let anyone steal your peace.

mp said...

hey mckinley -
thanks for the comment.

anonymous - yeah, it seems like there are a lot of things that seem to get mixed up in the Bikram studio application of Bikram yoga. i've heard that he encourages people to laugh and have fun in the room before class which sounds a lot better than the grumpy, serious faces at my studio! but either way, i do try to be nice and kind to other students and will continue to do so in the future.
thanks for your comment.